All in The Family!

I had the pleasure of hosting an “Intro to Zentangle” class with a lovely family in Green Valley, AZ, last Monday: Mother, 2 daughters and 1 son-in-law.  As I’ve only thus far taught Zentangle to women, I had to tell him that he would be my “first boy”!  (smiley face)  It was delightful to meet them all and they were eager to learn.  Instead of putting on relaxing music, we listened to the falling rain for the entire 3 hours.  It is a rarity to have the pleasure of rainfall for hours in the desert!  Mother has a tremor and was concerned that she could not do this art.  As I look at their mosaic pic below, it is difficult to know which ones are hers – each artist creates their unique look… there is no right or wrong!  I’m hopeful that she will continue to practice this wonderful art form.


There are No Mistakes… Only Opportunities

I held an “Intro to Zentangle” class this morning in the Del Webb community in Vail, AZ. I anticipated that the group would number about 10 people, but a day or two before the class, I discovered that there would be 16!  That’s good news, I know.  But as a fairly new CZT, THAT was a crowd!  But to calm my nerves, and in true Zentangle speak – “there are no mistakes – only opportunities”, I considered this an opportunity – An opportunity to reach more people, and challenge myself in conducting a large class.  It’s all good, right?!  So, off I went, deep breathing as much as I could without hyperventilating.  BUT, to my pleasant surprise, the real bonus came from the wonderful women I met who chose to spend their morning with me.  Their kindness, calmness and humor was an absolute joy and THEY helped me to relax.

Here are two mosaics of their work.  I continue to be amazed that after being given the same exact instructions, the mosaic shows the wonderful differences in their individual tiles! I can’t wait to see what they do on their own.

Zentangle - Del Webb - Tile #1Zentangle - Del Webb Tile #2

Here I am modeling the shoes I tangled (Walmart canvas sneakers, tangled with IdentiPen), and a wonderful Zentangle-looking shirt I bought a few years ago!

Zentangle - Del Webb - PresentingZentangle - Del Webb - Presenting 2

Intro to Black Tiles

What’s next after Zentangle Basics?

“Introduction to Black Tiles” provides a new medium to explore, while also providing an opportunity to remember, to revisit, and to reconnect with, the basic messages and principles of Zentangle Method, exploring something new and unfamiliar with curiosity, self-compassion and acceptance.

Zentangle - Black Tile

Students will stick with familiar tangles learned in most Zentangle basics classes and focus on exploring the new materials:  black tiles, white Gelly Roll® pen, Zenstone Chalk and/or white charcoal for shading and the grey Fabrico® pen.

Students will be guided through the easy-to-learn, relaxing, and meditative steps of Zentangle® where you will create your own beautiful images to take home.

Zentangle®– Black Tiles   $45.00

Prerequisites: “Intro to Zentangle”

Must bring basic kit from Intro Class. 

All additional supplies will be provided and are yours to keep!

This class is not yet scheduled. Please email at if you are interested in this class for your group, from your home with friends, etc.

Intro to Renaissance Tiles

Journey back to the time of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo in this class that focuses on using brown, black and white colors on tan tiles.

Students will become familiar with the techniques that will give their work that recognizable Renaissance look and feel. They will explore tangles from a new angle; Working with brown, black and white pens to work the surface, and create shadow and highlight with graphite and white charcoal pencils. 

Prerequisites: “Intro to Zentangle” and “Zentangle – Beyond Basics”

Zentangle® Renaissance Class   $45.00

Must bring basic kit from Intro Class. 

All additional supplies will be provided and are yours to keep!

This class is not yet scheduled. Please email at if you are interested in this class for your group, from your home with friends, etc.

Zentangle – Beyond Basics Class

What’s next after Intro to Zentangle®?   

This is an intermediate class for those who have completed the intro class.  Learn more patterns and how to use embellishments and shading techniques to take your tangling to the next level. Let me guide you through easy-to-learn, relaxing, and meditative steps of Zentangle® where you will create your own beautiful images to take home.  IMG_4652

Zentangle®– Beyond Basics   $38.00

Intro to Zentangle Class is a prerequisite to this class.  

Must bring basic tools from Intro Class kit.

All other supplies will be provided and are yours to keep!

Class is limited to 15 participants; minimum of 5 (Note: if minimum is not attained, registration fee will be refunded.)

CLICK HERE for location information and to register.  


Paper Clock

Fellow CZT, Kelly Barone, has created paper clock kits that can be decorated in any way and then put together to make a fully functioning paper clock.  I finished working on my first one this weekend while another one is waiting in the wings.  I’ll post pics of the second one once I get it finished.

Living in Arizona now, I thought I’d give this one a Southwestern flair.  Hope you like it!

If you’re interested in purchasing your own kit, click HERE to order it directly from Kelly ( and finish it on your own, OR contact me if interested in a two session class where we will choose designs and begin tangling your clock and then return for the second session to assemble it into a fully functioning, uniquely yours, paper clock.

Finished clock #2 for my friend Susie who told me her bedroom is blue, grey and white.  I spattered watercolor for the background and then tangled over top.  You’ll notice the “face” of this clock is fancier than the kokopeli clock too.  I hope she likes it!  (click on individual images for closer look!)

December 2017 Tangling Play

Following are pictures of some of the samples I completed from Zentangle’s Project Packs #1 and #2 (for more information go to Project Packs).  Some were variants of well-known tangles but used different techniques, others were worked in two pieces and then magically joined, and still others were played with on colored tiles.  There was even a new tangle introduced.  All in all, they were great lessons in  “Anything is Possible, One Stroke at a Time!™”


Class for Vail Desert Roses

I am elated to report on a wonderful class held today with 12 members of the Vail Desert Roses (Red Hat Society) from Vail, AZ.  They were a wild bunch of excitable, humorous and very kind ladies who I thought might challenge my ability to hold a quiet, focused class!  But, within minutes of the start, they were interested, curious and very attentive. The end result is obvious in their beautiful artwork pictured below.

After a little more than one hour of instruction, they created these beautiful tiles:

Zentangle - Vail Desert Roses Artwork #1

After a break (and some food), these are the wonderful tiles created with an additional hour of instruction; each one so unique and beautiful!

Zentangle - Vail Desert Roses Artwork #2

Thank you ladies for a terrific experience; I’m so proud of the art you were able to create.  And, thank you to Susie Bengtson for securing the conference room and providing a wonderful lunch.  I hope to see you all again.  In the meantime, happy tangling!

Zentangle - Vail Desert Roses 1Zentangle Vail Desert Roses 3Zentangle Vail Desrt Roses 4Zentangle Vail Desert Roses 5

Class is all set up; Lady Susan patiently waiting for her ladies to arrive:

Zentangle Desert Roses - Susie waiting